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Treasure Ahoy features

Ahoy me hearties! Welcome aboard the good ship PocketWin! There’s Treasure Ahoy in this exclusive mobile slots game, and no landlubber is going to get their hands on it. X marks the spot, but can you discover the gold doubloons in this adventure?

It’s a pirate’s life for you in this swashbuckling slots game which comes complete with 15 win lines, a marvellous treasure map mini-game and a huge progressive Jackpot. It’s the buried treasure every pirate is on the lookout for, so jump on board and let’s set sail.


Avast landlubber! Prepare ye for a fierce voyage across the high seas! There be plenty of pirate booty in this vessel for ye to claim! Yarr! There be no rocking of the boat, or it’s a swift walk of the plank for ye! Ready, pirate? Anchors away!

Join PocketWin’s pesky pirates as the set sail in the hunt for some serious pirate treasure in Treasure Ahoy mobile slots. Fall hook, line and sinker for this fast-paced game. Just make sure you bring your sea legs, you’re going to need them!


Shiver me timbers! If it’s treasure ye be hunting, it’s treasure ye could win in the Treasure Map mini-game. X marks the spot of one seriously mega multiplier, and all you have to do is make it to treasure chest unscathed and the gold doubloons inside are all yours.

Press the ‘Spin’ button to fire the cannon and reveal how many steps along the map you can take, collecting every multiplier you pass on the way. Land on the golden Captain’s wheel, and you get to spin it for a mega multiplier!

Reach the golden wheel, treasure chest, or land on a trap and it’s mini-game over. You’ll collect your prize and exit to the main reels with all the pirate booty you picked up along the way.

Game Play

We’re ashore you’ll love Treasure Ahoy online slots, in fact, we’d go as far as saying you’ll be hooked once you set sail and take it for a spin. There are 15 win lines for you to play on, and some serious pirate booty just waiting to be discovered in the form of that huge progressive Jackpot.

To get started, choose how many of the win lines you want to play on and how much you want to bet per line, from as little as 2p a line. If you bet on all 15 win lines and bet £1 a line, you would pay £15 for each spin, for example.

And if you’re feeling sea-sick or just fancy taking a closer look at that treasure map, why not try out the ‘Auto Spin’ option? Choose how many Auto Spins you would like, and the reels will do the rest. Auto Spins come to an end when your credit drops below a set limit, you enter a mini-game, or you win over £1,000 in one spin.


Treasure Ahoy is a swashbuckling slots game for landlubbers and salty sea dogs alike. It’s a PocketWin Casino exclusive, which means you won’t be able to play it anywhere else! It’s compatible with 99% of mobile and tablet devices, and you can use mobile billing to deposit by mobile phone from as little as £3.

Join the good ship PocketWin today, and we’ll give you some gold doubloons to get you started. That’s a £5 no deposit bonus* to you. What’s more, we’ll match 100% of your first deposit up to £100* AND you keep what you win.

Anchors away, download and play today!

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