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Reel Raiders


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Reel Raiders Mobile Slots

Calling all intrepid casino explorers! Are you ready for PocketWin’s most thrilling mobile slots adventure yet? Join our fearless leading lady for a casino crusade in Reel Raiders mobile slots and see how much cash you can uncover.

In this PocketWin Casino exclusive, you’ll travel to a mystical land, tackle sweeping jungle landscape and search for fabled gold buried deep inside ancient temples and tombs. Of course, you’ll need some help from your gutsy guide – raiding these ruins is truly a lost art! Can you return home with the legendary progressive Mega Jackpot?

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Getting Started with Reel Raiders

Don’t get carried away with exploring the roaring rainforest too quickly old sport! You need to make sure you know how to traverse this unknown landscape before you scarper off to enjoy the thrilling reels!

First of all, you need to set your bet. You can do this by pressing ‘Bet/Lines’ and using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons to adjust both your bet-per-line and the number of lines you’re playing across.

As you’ll discover, when you adjust either your bet-per-line, or the number of lines you’re playing across, the amount in the ‘Total Bet’ box will change accordingly. This is because your total bet is your bet-per-line multiplied by the number of lines you’re playing across!

So, for example, let’s say you decide to uncover the unnerving undergrowth by spinning with 10p-per-line over the game’s full 15 win lines, your total bet will be £1.50!

This wouldn’t be a totally wild exploration if you didn’t have complete freedom! That’s why you’re free to alter the bet-per-line, with a minimum of 2p and a maximum of £20, and the number of lines you’re playing across, as much as you like. Once you’re happy with your total bet-per-line just hit the spin button to start your adventure!

How to Play Reel Raiders Mobile Slots

If you’re happy to go exploring with the spin settings you have in place, just hit the spin button to get the reels rolling! They’ll then spin in and stop at random and if you lined up a winning combination of symbols on an active line, you’ll uncover a win!

The number of matching symbols that you need for a win depends on the symbol you’re trying to dig up. Some pay out with 2 or more on an active line, while others need 3 or above to count as a win!

You might be discovering uncharted territory in Reel Raiders but don’t worry! Whenever you line up a win on an active line, which pay from left to right, your win will be highlighted on the game reels, before winnings go into your account credit.

Reel Wins

Wins will always be a multiplier of your original bet-per-line, with the size of that multiplier dependent on the type, and number, of symbols you’ve lined up. If you want to find out more about winning combinations, and how much each symbol match up pays out, check out the in-game paytable by tapping the menu button in the top left corner and selecting ‘Paytable’.

Only the highest possible win on each individual line will count. However, we’ll add up wins across multiple lines to give you a bigger total win.

Wild Symbols

This wouldn’t be a proper trek through a lush green wilderness without something wild lurking in the shadows! Luckily for you, intrepid explorer, it’s just the game’s Wild symbol!

The Wild will substitute for any other game symbol – except mini-games and Free Spins – to make up a win where you’d otherwise find a loss! For example, if you line up a Wild and two J symbols, you’ll receive a win worth three Js, how wild is that!?

Don’t get too adventurous with the Wild symbols though! You can’t win Reel Raiders’ progressive Mega Jackpot with a Wild symbol. You need to line up 5 Jackpot symbols on a win line, to win this prize!

Wheel of Fortune & Leap of Glory Mini-Games

Reel Raiders mobile slots has two multiplier mini-games, both of which could see you escape from ancient temples with massive wins!

The first, Wheel of Fortune, activates with two or more mini-wheel symbols on an active line. In Wheel of Fortune, just press the spin button to spin the ancient buried bonus wheel. You’ll win whatever you land on, with your original bet-per-line being multiplied and added to your account credit before you return to the main game reels.

If you land on a double arrow you’ll advance further into the Wheel of Fortune tomb, with an even bigger bonus wheel revealed. Get the double arrows on the second wheel too and you’ll uncover the full tomb of gold coins, bagging up a big win before returning to the game reels.

Line up two or more symbols showing our heroine on the game reels and you’ll launch Reel Raiders’ second mini-game, Leap of Glory.

In Leap of Glory you’ve got to get our bold explorer along the bonus trail. Tap the spin button and if the bonus wheel lands on green, she made it to the next step! You’ll collect the multiplier that she finds there! Land on red and you’ll collect your current win and return to the game reels. Make it all the way across the expanse for a big multiplier win!

Free Spins

In addition to the treasure troves waiting for you, there are free spins to win in-game too! Line up 3, 4, or 5 Free Spins symbols on an active line and you’ll receive 5, 7, or 9 free spins, respectively.

Free spins lock to your last total bet amount. So, you can’t alter the bet-per-line or the number of lines you’re playing across, but they are completely free! Once your free spins run out, you’ll revert to normal play.

Progressive Mega Jackpot

The occurrence of “JACKPOT” symbols filling an active win line awards the progressive Mega Jackpot. The progressive Mega Jackpot is available on any bet, with 0.025% of the bet being added to the progressive pots. Half of the value gets added to the current jackpot, and half to a reserve pot ready for the next winner.

When the Jackpot is won, it is reset and begins to rise again. Simultaneous wins can occur. If a player wins the progressive Mega Jackpot then a notification would occur BEFORE any other player was awarded the Jackpot. Any players in a game that contributes to that same Mega Jackpot will receive the on-screen notification of a reset the next time they press the spin button if it is within 10 minutes of the jackpot being won. Players will not be charged for the spin generating this notification.

The Mega Jackpot guaranteed starting value is £100,000, with even higher starting prizes possible with a built up reserve pot. The Mega Jackpot promotional pot system is available over any stake on any participating game plugged into the Mega Jackpot promotional pot.

In the event of a communication error after a progressive win result has been determined and before it has been displayed on screen, the win amount will automatically be transferred to the player’s account. While the game is live, the Jackpots cannot be terminated.

Payout Information

Reel Raiders mobile slots has a theoretical return to player of 93.89%. This is based on long term playback. System malfunctions void all payments. Monies are staked in the following order: winnings, player deposits, bonus credit.

PocketWin general terms and conditions apply.