Alice In Wongaland

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Alice In Wongaland features


PocketWin pays homage to that classic Lewis Carroll story and its characters in our awesome online slots extravaganza, Alice In Wongaland!


Alice In Wongaland has two terrific, tantalising minigames to line your pocket with goodies! Spin the minigame symbols in a winning line for a chance of some massive bonuses. In Eat Me Drink Me, you’ll be given a bonus multiplier behind a door. You can take it, or you can take your chances with the Eat Me Cake, or with the Drink Me Potion. One will be larger than the door multiplier, one will be smaller! Choose wisely!

The second minigame is Tea Party, where you’ll be drinking with the Mad Hatter! You get to spin the multiplier wheel, which dictates which way round the table the cups go, and by how many moves! Once you have picked up a multiplier from a cup, that cup turns into a Collect icon, so you can’t pick up the same cup twice!

If you spin the Fool’s Gamble, the cups don’t move and you pick up a multiplier from the hat. There are three Fool’s Gamble bonuses on the wheel, and if you spin the same hat twice, the cups disappear and you’ll go over to the second, larger wheel. There’s a small, medium and absolutely enormous win on the wheel, and a lose segment. If you land on lose, you lose everything, including what you won at the tea party table! Cross your fingers, and everything else!


This beautiful and creative online slots game has a massive 20 winlines to play on, and you can play from just 2p per spin. If you want to activate all 20 lines and bet 10p on each line, each spin would cost you £2. Keep your eyes peeled for the Cheshire Cat – line up his big grin 5 times in a valid winline and you’ll be taking away the ever-growing jackpot!

Alice In Wongaland comes with an autospin function. If you fancy setting the reels off by themselves, as if by magic, hit the Auto Spins box in the bottom right, choose how many spins you want to let it run for, and set it on its way! You can make it automatically stop if you win a certain amount or your credit hits a pre-set limit, so you’re always in control of your finances!

And don’t forget you can deposit in-game, on the main screen, or you can pay by phone bill, from just £3! Sign up today with PocketWin and you’ll get a £5 welcome bonus to spend on your favourite game!


Don’t be afraid, jump down the rabbit hole and discover a world of wonga waiting for you in this beautifully-crafted online slots game, exclusive to PocketWin! Download it today!

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