Undiscovered discoveries inspired by Reel Raiders mobile slots!

Undiscovered discoveries inspired by Reel Raiders mobile slots!

Published on: Wed, 12 Jun 2019 by Pocket Win

There’s nothing greater than that moment you find some money you had forgotten about, in your pockets – your very own hidden treasure! Now can you imagine discovering a true treasure on one of your own escapades, such as in a dangerous jungle, or amongst the wild animals in all the greenery, just like in PocketWin’s Reel Raiders? What an exciting time that would be!

If you find yourself to be an advanced adventurer with the need for a challenge, this may be your calling. Get your explorer’s hat on and begin plotting out the last heard whereabouts of the following treasures and keep an eye out. These treasures could turn you from rags to riches!

But, BE WARNED! Some of these treasures are based on superstition, which is why we love them so much! Do they exist? Will we ever discover them? What actually happened to them? Stick with us to find out!

El Dorado

We are all familiar with the legend of El Dorado; a city and tribe located in Colombia that is said to be covered and filled with golden riches. This tribe was said to be led by a chief who was covered with gold dust and would throw gold and precious jewels into Lake Guatavita. This was done in order to appease the Gods, and with actual gold having been found within this lake, the search for the City of Gold began.

To this day, the city and base of this special tribe has never been found. Many pioneers and researchers have dedicated their lives to finding El Dorado, and yet the search continues.

With the discovered gold being hard evidence and proof that this tribal myth isn’t as legendary as it may have seemed, we can understand why so many people have gone on the hunt for the City of Gold!

Treasure Island

Pirates have always been a fascinating topic of history. Seen as the thieves of the ocean and the spirit of the sails, what these bands of robbers took from the seas is still being discovered to this day. The Oak Island money pit, which is located on an island off the coast of Nova Scotia in Canada, is one of these current discoveries.

This island has been a fascination for treasure hunters since the 1700s, when a boy was said to have found what looked like an old, buried shaft that may have been set up by Pirates and used to hide a room that could be filled with treasure.

Only in the 1800s did people begin to believe in this boy’s beliefs, and so excavations to find the hidden treasure began. The hunters dug through the island, all the way to 98 feet below ground; finally, they managed to hit something metallic. This was thought to be a treasure chest, but it was in fact a trap that flooded the shaft – washing out all hopes of finding this treasure.

Over the years, countless people have tried to find this washed-out treasure. Innumerable stories presumptions have become of this money pit on Oak Island.

To this day, a very determined group continue to search for the Oak Island money pit and have even created a history series out of it, known as The Curse of Oak Island. When or whether they will discover something big, has yet to be seen…

Trash or Treasure?

Keep in mind that the reason many of these treasures have not been found is because they are placed in vast locations, inaccessible to the public. This can lead to great risks and sometimes even death, in search of them. One dangerous treasure hunt is said to be the hidden treasure belonging to a millionaire, known as Forrest Fenn.

It is said that after having a brush with death in 1988, Fenn spent his time plotting where to hide his valuable treasure for the public to search for and find, once he came to rest. Fenn even went on to write two books about how to locate the treasure. However, since the search has begun, 4 people have lost their lives to the treasure hunt, leading the hunt to be described as a danger to public safety by the New Mexico Police Chief in 2017. There are many doubts about whether this treasure hunt is just a hoax and no real evidence has ever been supplied as to whether it truly exists.

We’re all for adventure and exploration, but do keep your head on your shoulders please!

Raid our reels instead!

If you’re really itching to go on the hunt and find thousands, why not give our Reel Raiders a spin and test your luck on here! Let’s see who the reel winner becomes then!

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