The coolest places to be this summer!

The coolest places to be this summer!

Published on: Fri, 07 Jun 2019 by Pocket Win

The temperatures have finally begun to rise, and the sun is taking no prisoners it seems! With no bank-holidays in sight for a little while, our days at work are spent dreaming about all the long, hot days of summer, and we cannot wait!

But Iced Wins on PocketWin has us hoping that it’s definitely going to be a hot summer filled with the coolest of moments. We’re talking about those usual summer traditions, but with an added cool factor.

Crazy-cool Ice-Cream

What would a summer’s day even be without walking down the scorching streets if you don’t have a cool, flavourful and creamy ice-cream in your hand?

We all have our own favourite flavours, crazed combinations and terrific toppings, but what is the craziest ice-cream you’ve ever had?

If you’re ready to give your taste buds a treat from heaven, then how about heading down to London and checking out Chin Chin’s ice cream parlour? Using a form of liquid nitrogen to give you a smooth, creamy texture of ice-cream, Chin Chin’s various flavours are designed to give your palate a taste of the unimaginable. You can enjoy these dreamy tastes even further, by combining scoops with either a cookie, a cake or a good ol’ ice-cream sandwich!

This colourful and fun parlour not only delivers the cool factor in taste and creation, but also in design. Their slick, sophisticated and minimalistic interiors compliment their vibrant scoops of creamy joy with an extra touch of finesse. Take your taste buds for a treat and find them in Soho, Camden and Dinerama Shoreditch on your next trip to London!

 A cool dip in the pool

Sometimes all you need to do to cool down this summer is have a quick plunge into crystal blue waters. And what better way to do that? Well by slipping down a riveting water slide at Alton Towers Waterpark! This waterpark is made for made for families and adults alike who love a cool thrill and an increased heart rate

Alton Towers has all the amusement you need from adventurous Flash Floods, to a Rush ‘N Rampage, as well as their speedy Master Blaster!
With such thrill, excitement and wind in your hair, Alton Towers will keep your hearts pounding and your skin cool!

If you’re not one for wet hair and slippery slopes, why not get a cool breeze through your hair with the Alton Tower’s Theme Park. With over 40 rides and attractions for you to get excited about, their thrill rides are sure to cool you right back down again, while still having an incredible time!


For those who prefer the winter season and feel like they’re going to melt the moment the temperatures reach above the standard, why not plan a holiday that will have you living in an eternal blizzard?

Snow definitely gives a landscape that picture-perfect look, so we’ve decided to escape the summer heat and head to the beautiful North. After all, if you’re prepared to go to extreme levels to keep cool this summer, why not go somewhere magical?

Svalbard is a little mining town that happens to be the furthest-North inhabited area in the world, making it extremely cold, but extremely worth the trip! Why? This is a prime location to catch a sighting of the Northern Lights! Between mid-November to the end of January, Svalbard experiences a time where the sun never rises – increasing your chances of witnessing this magical stream of colour in the sky that will definitely take your breath away – if the cool air doesn’t do it first!

To cool for school

The Summer is a wonderful time for most, and while many people embrace the extended hours of sunshine, warmth and colour – this isn’t for them. This one goes out to those who take comfort in the cool, icy conditions, with a warm cuppa over a day of catching up on your tan.

The type of person who enjoys a burst of coolness, such as our Iced Wins slots game at PocketWin! Give this ‘cool’ lollipop slots game a gamble and maybe your next trip to an eternal blizzard will be sooner than you think!




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