Royal Baby name ideas inspired by PocketWin characters!

Royal Baby name ideas inspired by PocketWin characters!

Published: Fri, 09 Mar 2018 by PocketWin

As time ticks closer and closer towards the arrival of a brand new royal baby, the PocketWin characters are all arguing about which one of them the little prince or princess should be named after!

We feel like some have more of a chance than others (sorry Cubee), so we thought we’d narrow the options down a bit before sending them over to Kate and Wills for their consideration.

We don’t know if the royal baby will be a boy or a girl yet, so we’ve chosen our top three for each. Which one do you think they’ll pick?

If it’s a boy…

Robert: inspired by Bob from Spin Your Cards Right

Our Spin Your Cards Right host has been fighting hard for this one! Robert (or Bob for short) is already a name with royal roots. If the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want their little boy to grow up strong and brave, they could do worse than name him after Robert the Bruce (and our Bob, of course). In fact, we can think of lots of great Roberts: Robert Burns, Bob Dylan, Robert De Niro, Bob Marley and Robert Plant to name a few!

Stephen: inspired by Steve the Sheep!

OK, you might have to bear with us on this one as it’s a little bit woolly, but Steve the Sheep actually has a fair claim here! It was a long time ago, but there was a King Stephen of England back in the 1100s. Maybe it’s time to bring it back? As the new royal baby will have two older siblings, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll ever take the throne, but Prince Stephen sounds proper enough to us. The only downside? We’re not so sure about Prince Steve.

Jack: inspired by Jackpot Jacques

Kate and William are known for making the royal family more relevant to the modern world, so maybe they’ll go for something a little less traditional this time? Jackpot Jacques reckons that the English version of his name would be perfect! As baby names go, Jack really isn’t that unusual, but there’s never actually been a Jack in the immediate royal family. It’s popular and not too posh, relatable but still traditional enough for a young royal.

If it’s a girl…

Alice: inspired by Alice in Wongaland

We don’t think that Alice from Alice in Wongaland will have to fight too hard for this one, because it’s already one of the bookie’s favourites! Along with Mary, Victoria and Alexandra, it’s one of the public’s most popular choices if the royal baby is a little princess. She wouldn’t be the first Princess Alice, as she’d follow in the footsteps of Queen Victoria’s second daughter.

Jane: inspired by Saving Jane

Jane is another name with royal precedent, but this one takes us back to Tudor times. Tarzan’s true love, Jane shares her name with Jane Seymour and Lady Jane Grey, but will the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decide to welcome another Jane to the royal family? Some bookies are currently taking bets at 100/1 on Jane being the name of the new royal baby, so we think she could be in with a chance!

Stella: inspired by Stella Starling aka Scorpiosa from Super City Slots

Again, we thought we’d throw a less typically-royal name into the mix, given Kate and Wills’ progressive approach. So, our third choice for a little girl is Princess Stella – named after Stella Starling (aka Scorpiosa) from Super City Slots. This one might be a long shot, but if the royals are hoping to raise a strong, independent young lady, having a superhero namesake can’t hurt!

What about your predictions? Head over to our Facebook page and tell us if you think the royal baby will be a boy or a girl, and what their name should be!

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