Quick Quiz: Which game goes best with your personality?

Quick Quiz: Which game goes best with your personality?

Published on: Thu, 27 Sep 2018 by Pocket Win

Searching for a new favourite mobile slots game? With SO many titles to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one you should try first!

We’ve narrowed your choices down to four fabulous games that you might not have discovered yet, so why not have a change from Cheese Chase (we know you love it, but trust us!) and try something NEW? Take our easy quiz to work which PocketWin mobile slots game goes best with your personality and play it today! You never know, a change could do you good!

1. You like your mobile slots games to:

A. Offer an exciting gamble feature & a huge Jackpot
B. Give you tons of chances to win massive multipliers
C. Be fresh, fun, easy to play and full of sweet wins
D. Take you on an adventure with awesome wins along the way

2. Feeling hungry? Which of the following do you fancy most?

A. Something exotic and full of flavour from the Far East
B. A tasty, traditional Mexican meal with a bit of spice
C. A sweet treat that you can enjoy on the go
D. A little of everything from an all-you-can-eat buffet

3. On holiday, you look forward to:

A. Relaxing and unwinding
B. Exploring off the beaten track
C. Enjoying some sun on the beach
D. Packing in as many activities as possible

4. When you’re home alone, which type of music would you put on?

A. Tranquil, relaxing tunes that make you feel calm and content
B. Strong, primal beats with plenty of drums
C. Something simple, catchy and easy to sing along to
D. A playlist of classics from your favourite era

5. If you had a huge win today, what would you do with it?

A. Spend it on things that make your life easier and less stressful
B. Buy an expensive item that you’ll treasure forever
C. Treat yourself, and all your nearest and dearest, to something fun
D. Book a holiday to a far-off destination you’ve always wanted to visit

All done? Take a look at your answers and see which letter you chose most often. Here’s what that translates to:

Mostly As: Master of Fortunes

You are: Chilled, open-minded & wise
You come across as someone who’s calm and in control, even if that’s not always the case! You’ve got the sort of mindset that goes perfectly with our mystical mobile slots game, Master of Fortunes. In a secret location somewhere in the Far East, the Mythical Master is waiting for a winner worthy of taking home his legendary Jackpot of over £32,000! Along with gorgeous graphics and a zen soundtrack, Master of Fortunes offers an exciting gamble feature that puts your potential prize in destiny’s hands.

Mostly Bs: Temple 10,000

You are: Inquisitive, active & ambitious
As someone who’s energetic and enthusiastic, you need a game with lots going on! Temple 10,000 is an inca-redible game that should be perfect for keeping your active mind entertained! You’ll be whisked away to South America to explore an ancient Aztec temple, search for forgotten treasure and meet some interesting characters along the way. One of the TWO action-packed mini-games gives you the chance to play for a temple-tastic x10,000 multiplier, and the tribal soundtrack should have your foot tapping too.

Mostly Cs: Iced Wins

You are: Fun-loving, sweet & upbeat
You’re great fun to be around, so you need a game that’s packed with positive vibes! Play Iced Wins and you’ll definitely be in for a treat, as this fab mobile slots game really is ice cream vantastic. It’ll take you back to sunny summer days and it’s a breeze to play, while the Flava Fave mini-game is an easy way to whip up some wins. It’s our newest game, but it already has a Jackpot in the hundreds and thousands, so grab yourself a scoop of the action!

Mostly Ds: Around the World in 80 Days

You are: Adventurous, daring & always on-the-go
You definitely seem like someone who loves to make the most of every moment and have as many experiences as possible! Well Around the World in 80 Days should be right up your street, because you never know where you might end up next! From London to Hong Kong, the plains of the Wild West to elephant rides in India, this mobile slots adventure will take you across the globe, hopefully scooping up some awesome wins along the way.
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