PocketWinner Awards: August 2018!

PocketWinner Awards: August 2018!

Published: Thu, 06 Sep 2018 by PocketWin

August has been a pretty great month, right? The sun has been shining (most of the time at least), Iced Wins rolled back into town with a great new offer, and festival season was in full swing. It’s also been another great month for big wins at PocketWin Casino, with just under £165,000 won by our players throughout August!*

We spotted some whopping individual wins in Suffolk and the West Midlands, but we’re always interested to see which games gave out the most wins this month, and which counties across the UK had the luckiest residents. Let’s take a look at this month’s PocketWinner Award winners and runners up…

Luckiest UK County – RUNNER UP: Suffolk

Suffolk has shot up the rankings this month, mostly thanks to it being home to our largest individual winner for August! Just 6 players spun in a win of £250 or more, but those prizes add up to a grand total of £10,712!* You’ll read more about one of our players from Suffolk a little later on, but first, let’s see which county was crowned luckiest in August!

Luckiest UK County – WINNER: London

London has finally done it! You’d expect it to win every month as so many people live there, but it’s been just pipped at the post until now. The capital has come top of the class this month in terms of wins, with 36 Londoners winning a grand total of just over £19,000 in August!* That’s an average win of more than £500 each – not bad, right? Still, that’s nothing compared to our biggest individual wins in August, so let’s take a look at those next…

Largest Individual Win – RUNNER UP: £5,062 in West Midlands

This month’s largest-individual-win runner-up won a whopping £5,062 on PocketWin Roulette!* This casino classic is so easy to play, and if you get lucky on a single number, the wins can really rack up. Of course, you can always stick with the classic question of ‘red or black’ if you prefer! Congratulations to this lucky winner from the West Midlands! We hope you enjoy your winnings.

Largest Individual Win – WINNER: £7,632 in Suffolk

This month’s biggest individual winner must have had the luck of the Irish, because they won over £7,500 on Silver Shamrock Slots!* We hope that the player from Suffolk is feeling grand after coming across that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you haven’t played Silver Shamrock Slots for a while, or ever, why not riverdance your way over there and take it for a spin? It’s great craic.

Biggest Winning Game – RUNNER UP: Roulette

Our runner-up for biggest individual winner got lucky with a £5,000 prize on Roulette, and it looks like they’re not alone! We saw 25 winners of £250 or more on this casino favourite, and all of their wins add up to £21,863 in total!* That’s a pretty great result, but it’s got nothin’ on our biggest winning game this month…

Biggest Winning Game – WINNER: Lucky Forest Casino

Lucky Forest Casino is back in top spot once again! This has been our biggest-winning game for several months now, and we can’t say why yet, but we’d be surprised if it isn’t at number 1 for September too! In August, Lucky Forest Casino had 49 winners of £250 or more, adding up to £32,130!* Could this much-loved game be lucky for you too? Why not visit Lucky Forest Casino and see if your fortune is waiting in the forest?

*Data based on wins of £250 and above. Figures shown equal wins minus player stakes. Does not guarantee withdrawals.

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