Meet the Norse Gods from Viking Lightning Spins!

Meet the Norse Gods from Viking Lightning Spins!

Published: Fri, 21 Jun 2019 by PocketWin

So you’ve fallen in love with Viking Lightning Spins have you? Well good, because so have we here at PocketWin!

If you need a break from spinning in all those wins on our mobile slot game, we thought we’d give you something Thor-iffic to read instead! So without further ado, meet the Norse Gods that the Vikings themselves worshipped, and the very characters that feature in the game itself!


The Allfather and King of the Aesir (the Asgardian people), Odin was considered the greatest among the Norse Gods. Ruler of Asgard, he was also considered the God of War, as well as the God of Poetry and Magic. Bit of an oxymoron, don’t you think? In his quest for knowledge and wisdom, Odin surrendered one of his eyes and made many other sacrifices, before finally being given the opportunity to unlock the mysteries of the universe. He was well known for the two ravens who kept to his side, as well as his eyepatch that dictated the sacrifice made in his quest for knowledge.


Odin’s wife, Queen of Asgard (and also entitled the Allmother) was the Goddess of Fertility, Fate, Love and Beauty. Not a bad resumé, right? The only wife of Odin who was allowed to sit next to her husband, Frigg was seen as a determined and protective woman, and fierce in her own right. In her bid to protect her son, Balder, who had been prophesised to die, she journeyed all realms and secured oaths from every entity and being in the cosmos that nothing shall harm her son. While this plan was foiled by Loki, the God of Mischief, we admire the effort made! Mother of the year, anyone?


Even if you’re not a Norse scholar, you’ll know the God of Thunder anywhere! Does the word ‘Marvel’ ring a bell?

Even in Norse mythology, he was the most widely-known son of Odin and was never seen without his hammer, Mjöllnir. He was hailed for his bravery and strength, the protection of mankind and, of course, his thunder. He is mostly known for his fierce battles with the sea-serpent Jörmungandr (think the Loch Ness monster, but living in the sea) who is said to have been so large that he could coil around the earth and grasp his own tail.

Vikings often wore a talisman of Mjöllnir when going into battle or sailing out to sea, fully believing that doing so would invoke the protection of Thor himself.


Loki, the God of Mischief was in fact an ice giant who had the power to shape-shift into several forms, shapes and sizes. He often took the appearance of animals, giants (male and female) and even occasionally a female Asgardian. He fathered many strange creatures, among them being the wolf Fenrir and the sea-serpant Jörmungandr, along with Hel herself.

While Loki is also depicted in the Marvel movies, there are a few tweaks to make to the on-screen story. While Thor and Loki did consider themselves brothers, and Odin did find Loki as a baby, Odin never adopted the God of Mischief or claim him as his own. However, Odin did take Loki’s son, Sleipnir (an eight-legged horse) as his personal steed.


Fenrir, also known as Fenris-Wolf, is a canine of mammoth proportions from Norse mythology. As the son of Loki, he also stars in our mobile slots game, Viking Lightning Spins.

When the beast was born into the world of Asgard, the Gods and Goddesses instantly feared him for his strength and essence of evil. As a result, Fenrir was bound in chains of magical elements and gagged with a sword, though this did cost the God Tyr his hand. The wolf was destined to lie forever on a rock at the root of the tree of life, until Ragnarök (the Norse Apocalypse). This is where it is said he will break his bonds and fall upon the Norse Gods, destroying them and devouring the sun in his wake. It is also believed that Fenrir will be the cause of Odin’s death.

Now you can return to Viking Lightning Spins infused with nothing but Norse knowledge! If you enjoyed this, there are numerous more Norse Gods and Goddesses to read about, should you ever be lacking reading material to accompany you in your down-time…

But of the ones listed, which God or Goddess was your favourite? Why not let us know on Facebook?

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