Get the scoop on summer with Iced Wins!

Get the scoop on summer with Iced Wins!

Published: Wed, 03 Jul 2019 by PocketWin

We’re officially halfway through the year, and so the next little bit begins! But before we worry about the next 6 months, we’re going to sit back, relax and enjoy a good ol’ lick from the ice-cream on Iced Wins.

You heard us! Ice-cream month is in full swing here at PocketWin and we’ve got some wicked brain freeze, with all the amazing things we’ve discovered about our coolest treat.

When it comes to ice-cream, many of us know our flavours all the way down to the last spoonful. Tasting ice-cream flavours, should be classified as a hobby, especially while on vacation in a hot, humid destination over the summer. But some things about this summer-snack are sure to surprise you!

A little vanilla

For those of you who think that ice-cream doesn’t grow on trees, this bean in Hawaii is here to prove you wrong! The Inga feuillei tree is called the ice-cream bean tree, because it bears fruit that tastes just like vanilla flavoured ice-cream. The pulp of this fruit gives you a sweet flavour and texture, which is apparently identical to the cool, creamy vanilla flavour. However, looking at the shape of these fruits, it’s a pity they’re not banana ice-cream flavoured! That would make a little more sense!

What came first?

We all know the top two classic ice-cream flavours are chocolate and vanilla. The perfect duo, too! But, have you ever wondered which one came first? If you’re thinking vanilla, you’re wrong! Chocolate was the first classic ice-cream flavour created! We sure are happy though that vanilla made its way into the picture, because these two wouldn’t be the same without each other!

A sizzling summer treat

We all love this treat on a warm, summer’s day! One could just eat it all day, flavour by flavour, until our brains, tongues and stomachs froze over. But not your teeth! Nothing is worse than biting into a cold ice-cream, that’s just a level too low below zero!

But apparently not for Finland or Sweden! Ranking within the top 5 ice-cream consuming countries, these two Northern countries are ice-cream crazy, along with Australia, New Zealand and the United States. I guess when you have so much ice, there’s only one thing to do – eat it!

Cream and punishment

With so many whacky flavours out there, it can beg the question of whether people want you to like ice-cream or just test what a scooper you truly are! Some of these concoctions sure make us want to scream on behalf of our beloved ice-cream.

Apparently, San Francisco’s Humphry Slocombe ice-cream parlour makes for one high-in-demand signature Secret Breakfast. It’s not quite what we’d describe as our typical breakfast, maybe not even for breakfast at all – but the combined flavour of bourbon and cornflake is said to be sold out on a daily basis at this parlour!
We’ve never been much of a cornflake fan, so not sure PocketWin will get on board with this one, we love the idea of ice-cream for breakfast. We’re sure it doesn’t come close to our traditional English breakfasts! Maybe they should come up with a flavour for that? Black pudding, anyone?

Melt our hearts

We do like to see how daring some of you are, and this is the ultimate test! Taste at your own risk! If you think you can handle the heat, there’s a hot scoop that has caught our eye! Maybe we should warn you that you will need to sign a waiver before you can try this ice-cream. Whoever thought ice-cream was cool, has never tried the Devil’s Breath, by Aldwych Cafe and Ice Cream Parlor in Glasgow, Scotland.

This bright pink ice-cream may deceive your eyes by making you think that it’s a sweet and tasty raspberry flavoured ice cream, but this symbol of bravery is hot in all kinds of ways. We’re not going to tell you much more about it, other than it is advised to be over the age of 18 and not to try this on a romantic date!

But alas, all good things must cone to an end, and for now we think that our wins on Iced Wins are hot enough! So you know where to find us, but if any of you have ever been brave enough to try these hot ice-cream sensations – please do let us know that you survived!

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