Crowns fit for a win!

Crowns fit for a win!

Published on: Wed, 29 May 2019 by Pocket Win

We’ve all pictured ourselves as a royal ruler at one point in our childhood. Sitting all high and mighty on the throne, with your sceptre held proudly in front of you, as you are crowned the new ruler of your imaginary kingdom with this beautiful, lavishly decorated, ornamental crown.

With KingSpin Crowns out on PocketWin, all those memories are flooding back, and it begins to beg the question; where did crowns even come from? What shaped them into a symbol of great power, royalty and gave them their priceless value?

First Encounters

The first few traces of a precious head ornament was found to be used as a reward to honour warriors, chiefs and even athletes during the time of Greek ruler, Alexander the Great (356 BC).

It was then discovered that ancient Egyptian civilization began to use crowns for both religious celebration and to show authority, depending on the crown and whom it was worn by. The White crown was used to indicate Upper Egypt and the Red crowns for Lower Egypt and once these two regions were united the two crowns were combined to create, what is now known as the double crown of Egypt, the Pschent. It soon began to take on the symbol of victory and triumph, as well as leadership.

Royal Ruling

As it is not exactly known where the very first signs of this ornamental wreath began to take on its symbolism of royalty, traces of it can be found during the Roman Empire, who adopted the idea of ‘diadems’ from the Persian emperors. When the Romans converted to a Christian faith, the ceremony began to take place in the church conducted by the Pope or church official, now known as the coronation ceremony.

Both the British and Tongan Monarchy are the only monarchies who continue the tradition of a coronation, to this day.

During the earliest English coronation ceremony, the king was given a helmet decorated with an ornament. This lead to another form of the crown being cast as a string of jewels, which tied together at the back of one’s head, in the form of a band. This design progressed over the years, as more precious metals and rare stones were added to the headrest, shaping the headgear into what is now known as the traditional image and perception of a royal crown.

Who Wore it First?

The oldest English crown to have survived is known to be the ‘Bohemian’ or ‘Palatine’ crown, which can be found in the Munich Treasury as transferred from the Palatine Treasury. It is one of the oldest, traditionally known crowns dating back to the year 1370-80. This delicately feminine crown is decorated in gold, precious stones such as sapphires, rubies, pearls and diamonds. The crown is suspected to have last belonged to Princess Blanche, who was married to Palatine Elector Ludwig III in 1402.

The Crown Jewels

As all of these exquisite pieces of headgear are of course extremely valuable, due to their magnificent designs made up of precious stones and rare metals, but the most valuable crown is considered to be priceless.

Many have heard of The Crown Jewels; the most valuable collection in the world, of sacred and ceremonial items collected by the kings and queens of England and has been stored in the Tower of London since the 1600s. Amongst these many valuable items, lies The Imperial State crown, which is the crown worn by the monarch and contains some of the most historic jewels, with 2,868 diamonds, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds, 4 rubies and 269 pearls!

The entire collection is said to be priceless, due to its beauty described as being out of this world!

To Crown it all

With all that purpose, value and beauty in a crown, KingSpin Crowns is definitely a game worth giving a try on PocketWin.

Who knows, after all, you could be crowned the next PocketWin royalty and have a prized jewel of your own!


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