Why Watching Scary Films This Halloween is GOOD For You!

28th Oct 2016 by PocketWin

They’re films that we either love, or love to hate, but there’s no getting away from it – Halloween and horror films go together like tricks and treats. And whether you find yourself glued to the screen or watching from behind your fingers, we have some new horror film fanatics are going to love:

According to experts, watching scary films is good for you!

Researchers at Coventry University – not too far from PocketWin Towers! – took blood samples from volunteers before, during, and after they watched a horror film.

They reported that the levels of white blood cells – usually boosted in response to fighting off an infection – saw a marked increase. They also reported that watching horror films triggers the “fight or flight” response, and releases adrenaline.

Adrenaline not only mobilises your immune system, but also increased your heart rate and your metabolic rate. A study in 2011 found that 1980’s film The Shining scared off 184 calories, the same as a Cadbury’s Crunchie Bar.

In theory then, watching horror films cold help you lose weight.

That’s one addition to your diet plan you weren’t expecting, I bet!

Of course, we're pretty sure most nutrition plans don't recommend watching a scary film a night to aid with that calorie burn, but it certainly works as a good excuse to curl up under a blanket and watch one this Halloween, right? 

And if it all gets too much for you, you can always play your favourite PocketWin slots games to unwind before bed. 

Just make sure you don't go for one of our spooked-up games, they might give you a fright...

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