Meet the PocketWin Monster Menagerie!

6th Oct 2017 by PocketWin

The launch of SlotNess means there’s a new addition to our crew of mythical mobile slots creatures! Spotting any of this legendary lot could mean you’re about to win big money, but do you know just how monstrous those progressive Jackpots are? Read on to find out...

Loch Ness Monster - SlotNess
Nessie is the latest addition to our monster menagerie, and catching sight of her might lead to a bonny win! She’ll usually stay out of sight beneath the surface of Loch Ness, but if she really takes a liking to you, she might pop up and let you play her tartan-tastic mini-game for a guaranteed prize! If it’s your first visit to SlotNess, she’ll also give you £3 free play* to get started.

Mermaid - Treasure Ahoy
Some say that mermaids are murderous sirens, luring sailors to their deaths on the rocks – but the one that you’ll meet in Treasure Ahoy is actually alright! If you meet her in the mini-game, she’ll give you the chance to spin the Captain’s wheel for a mermazing multiplier! The pirates’ progressive Jackpot treasure chest is filled with almost £10,000-worth of gold doubloons – could you be the one to plunder it?

Phoenix - Wintastic Beasts
The wizarding world of Wintastic Beasts is home to many enchanted creatures, but there’s one you’ll really want to watch out for. The Phoenix is our Jackpot symbol, so if this mythical firebird decides to become your new feathered friend, you could conjure up a wanderful win! He’ll need to call in a few phoenix pals though! You’ll need five of them on your win line to take home that progressive Jackpot, which currently stands at just over £10,000. Magic!

Kraken – Sinbad Slots of Gold
The mysterious sea monster from Sinbad Slots of Gold may look like a tentacled ball of terror, but don’t panic! Spotting him while you’re playing could turn a losing spin into a win. He’s our Wild symbol, which means he can stand-in for almost any other symbol (except Free Spins and mini-game) and give you a winning combination! He can’t take the place of a Jackpot symbol to give you the progressive prize-fund of almost £7,500, but he can still earn you a kraken win!

Dragon - Knights of the Round Table
Coming face-to-face with five dragons usually wouldn’t be great news, but in Knights of the Round Table, it doesn’t mean you’re toast. Step into our Dragon’s Den mini-game, pick a dragon to release from its egg and win a guaranteed prize! Just how much will it be? You’ll have to play it to see. There’s also a progressive Jackpot of over £9,000 waiting for a brave knight to come to Camelot and win-the-lot!

Do you think one of these legendary creatures could be your lucky charm? Pick your favourite and play today to find out!

*T&Cs apply. Offer available for a limited time only.

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