What Your Favourite Bingo Room Says About You

26th Oct 2016 by PocketWin

Back in the summer, we opened the doors to our fabulous new bingo game – hosted by our mascot, Cubee – and with it five great rooms where you can chat, play and win.

And much like you’ll have your favourite pair of shoes, favourite desert, or favourite TV programme, every bingo player has their favourite room. That one room where they seem to be extra lucky, or where they meet their friends every evening, or where they get on with the chat hosts.

It’s okay, we won’t tell the others which one you like best.

But did you know that your bingo room of choice, reveals a lot about your personality? Whether you spend your time in Shopping, In the Pub, or In The City, what does your favourite PocketWin bingo room say about you?


As a fan of our Shopping room, there’s nothing you love more than a spot of retail therapy. It’s the perfect stress-buster and hey, you deserve to treat yo’ self every now and again. You’re always seeking out a bargain but aren’t afraid to indulge in the finer things in life either. You love to play online as you can shop online at the same time, and you love having a virtual coffee and catch-up in the bingo room after a long shopping trip.

In the Pub

If In The Pub is your favourite room, you’re a laid-back soul who loves nothing more than catching up with their friends – after all, there’s stories to be told and gossip to be heard! To you, the winning is just a bonus. You play bingo for the family-feel, and love catching up with all of your bingo buddies in the chat rooms.


If Beach is your favourite room, we bet that you’re a bit of a day-dreamer. You’re always thinking about your next holiday and have serious wanderlust. You dream of hitting the jackpot so you can finally go on that holiday you’ve been dreaming of. More than that though, you’re an easy-going and relaxed kinda bingo player.

Pet Corner

If Pet Corner is your favourite of our bingo rooms, you’re probably an animal lover who plays bingo whilst curling up with a furry friend of your own. Your feline friend or pooch pal is your BFF and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Your love to play bingo to relax and unwind, and enjoy chatting with fellow animal lovers in Pet Corner.

In the City

In the City your favourite? You’re probably a street-wise city slicker who never stops and plays bingo on the move thanks to our app and automatic “dabber”. You either live in the city or would love to, and much prefer city breaks over beach holidays any day of the week. We’re just glad you can fit us in to your busy schedule!

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