7 ways to celebrate St George’s Day.

7 ways to celebrate St George’s Day.

Published: Thu, 29 Mar 2018 by PocketWin

Happy St George’s Day! Today, English folk across the land will be getting all patriotic and celebrating the country’s national day, but what does it really mean to be English anyway? Even if you weren’t born and raised in Blighty, there are plenty of ways you can celebrate St George’s Day by getting involved in some typically English activities.

Read on for our (absolutely-not-at-all-serious) guide to acting more English on St George’s Day.

1. Talk about the weather – constantly

Freezing today isn’t it? Ooh I can’t stand this heat! I hear it’s going to rain this weekend! Surely we can’t have any more snow? All top conversation starters that should see you through at least 20 minutes of small talk in the company of any English person. Whatever the weather, we’ll discuss it, moan about it and pretend to be able to predict it until the cows come home. And don’t even start on what it means if said cows are lying down…

2. Apologise when you’ve done nothing wrong

What should you do if someone crashes into you while you’re walking down the street? Tell them to watch where they’re going? Yell at them for being so careless? NO! You’re doing it wrong! Of course, if you’re in English mode, the correct thing to do is apologise, and apologise a lot. Yep, even if it was 100% not your fault. Especially if it’s not your fault. We don’t know why, it’s just the rules.

3. Queue even when no queue is required

Queuing in an orderly fashion is about as typically English as it gets, but what do you do if there’s no queue around for you to join? Well, you could always create your own! All you need is a couple of friends to line up behind you and you might just entice some passers-by to join in, just to find out what they’re missing out on.

4. Always have a cuppa on the go

If you really want to feel like a true English person on St George’s Day, be prepared to drink gallons of tea. Doesn’t matter if you’ve finished the last one yet – get the kettle on! It’ll take a while to brew properly anyway. Want to up your game even further? Make it an Earl Grey – if you can stand that weird, flowery flavour.

5. Insist on BBQing even if it rains

If you’ve planned to have a BBQ, you blummin’ well better have a BBQ. It doesn’t matter if the heavens open, it starts snowing or there’s a tornado tearing up the street – BBQ plans are BBQ plans. Suck it up, put up an umbrella and get those sausages on.

6. Never, ever make eye contact with strangers

OK, so this is more of a London thing than the country as a whole, but social awkwardness is definitely a key part of Englishness. Keep finding yourself sitting next to the same chatty person on your daily commute? Well, there’s only one solution. You’ll have to change your working hours to avoid them. Someone smiles at you on the tube? Leave. Immediately. Yes, even if the train is still moving.

7. Always assume you can win at anything

If the World Cup has taught us anything, it’s that English people can be relentlessly positive, despite our reputation for being serial complainers. We haven’t come close to winning the world’s greatest football tournament since the glory days of 1966, but ask any England fan how they think their boys will fare in the run-up to the World Cup and they’ll assure you that they’re definitely in with a shot this time.

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