4 top magic acts that inspired Reel Magic Wins!

4 top magic acts that inspired Reel Magic Wins!

Published: Thu, 09 May 2019 by PocketWin

Some people just seem to have the magic touch! With the most rewarding tricks up its sleeves, Reel Magic Wins mobile slots is proud to reveal the greatest inspirations behind this winning act! Who doesn’t want a little magic in their life, right now?

All of these inspiring illusionists have what it takes when it comes to spellbinding their audiences. Allow us to wave our wands and bring the magic to you…

David Copperfield

Why not start with the top-hat in the magic realm? Known for his bewildering illusions of levitation and teleportation, David Copperfield is the man you want to put on your magic bucket list!

This illusionist has made the impossible look easy since the early age of 12, when David Copperfield became the youngest member to ever join the Society of American Magicians. From there on his career set off and led him to teach a course on ‘the Art of Magic’ at New York University at the age of 16 and progressed as far as becoming the first living illusionist to be starred on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Currently with 21 Emmy Awards, 11 Guinness World Records and titled to be the highest paid Magician in 2018, according to Forbes, this eluding magician has sold out more tickets than any solo entertainer in history, and is still performing to this day! So, if you’re thinking of dabbling in the Arts of magic, try whipping some tickets to his show out of a hat!

Penn and Teller

This comedic duo have managed to find the fine line between fun and fascination. Turning their craft into entertainment, Penn & Teller have been around for over 40 years and are still performing their comedy-centered magic around the world. Expanding from stage to screen, you can catch these two clowns in their own personal entertainment show, Fool Us, where they invite up-and-coming magicians to try and outsmart them, using magic tricks.

These street- tricksters are great if you’re after a little giggle, followed by a baffled gasp.

David Blaine

He may have started out on the streets, but David Blaine has slid even greater tricks up his sleeve since then. If you’re looking for a performance created to elevate heart rates, you’re seeking out David Blaine: a magician constantly putting his life within the firing line.

After continuously levitating his achievements to an entire new level: you can expect the scariest of endurance stunts from either having one million volts charged at him for 73 hours, submerging himself in water for one whole week or freezing himself in time for 72 hours.

Richard Turner

If you’re after a wild card, turn to no other than, Richard Turner.

As the World’s greatest card mechanic, this appealing gentleman will have your gaze locked to his cards, as he shuffles and scrambles through them smoother than silk. With an obsession towards handling a deck of cards continuously, Richard Turner knows all there is to know behind the craft of cards, from the optimum moisture that each deck needs to be in perfect form, to feeling every single inch of the card to benefit his own abilities.

This card master is the definition of talent, determination and focus, as nothing can stop him — not even the fact that Richard Turner has been legally blind since the age of 9. So go see the talent for yourself, and who knows what card he will deal for you.

Looking for a little more magic in your life? Play Reel Magic Wins and see how many wins you can conjure up.


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