Mega Jackpot

Win BIG with the Mega Jackpot, right here on PocketWin mobile casino!

You won't need to go searching for those huge wins on PocketWin mobile casino, because the spotlight is on our ginormous Mega Jackpot of over £100,000, which could be all yours for the winning! It's quite simple really, to stand a chance of winning this ultimate slots reward, all you need to do is give any of our original online slots games a spin, and you could watch this epic win roll right in on one of the PocketWin slots games, by lining up five Jackpot symbols on an active win line! All you need is one lucky spin, and you could hit the Mega Jackpot!

How can you win the Mega Jackpot?

For a chance to win on PocketWin mobile casino, all you need to do is line up a valid winning combination onto an active win line and you will be able to sit back and watch those multiplier rewards rack up your bet-per-line value, and into your onscreen credit. There's not much difference to winning the Mega Jackpot; for all you need to do is line up five Jackpot symbols on any of the active win lines on your live casino slots game, and you will have hit the Mega Jackpot! However, there is one slight difference to this royally prized reward... for when it comes to this kingdom of wins, it doesn't matter how high your original stake was, you will still be rewarded with the total prize fund of the Mega Jackpot value!

How do you spot the Mega Jackpot?

Such a large prize can be difficult to picture! Don’t miss out on spotting this massive win, should it roll up on any of the win lines of our exciting online slots games. With so many original choices of high-quality mobile slots games to choose from, the precious Jackpot symbol could appear in all different shapes and sizes, aligned with an exciting chance to win. To brace yourself for the win that you are waiting for, make sure to head over to the paytable (which can be found by tapping the menu button on any of our online games) and you will be able to become familiar with the look of the Jackpot symbol for that specific game.

What you need to know about the Mega Jackpot

Some of the reels on PocketWin mobile slots games may have an exception to the usual Jackpot rule.  Before you go on chasing this mega win, make sure to read the full terms and conditions of the progressive Mega Jackpot for each individual game, so you know what you’re searching for!

What is the Progressive Jackpot?

Not all of the mobile slots games on PocketWin mobile casino come with the Mega Jackpot. That’s due to the fact that these slots games have their very own huge progressive Jackpot up for the win! The progressive Jackpot is exclusive to one specific slots game, and continues to grow in value. As with the Mega Jackpot, you will need to spin in five Jackpot symbols on an active win line in order to be rewarded with the progressive Jackpot. Prefer to try your luck with one of these huge progressive jackpots? Try your luck with Cheese Chase and see if you can win the Big Cheese of this old-school classic slots game. As a classic slots fan, you can never go wrong with Pocket Fruits mobile slot. Where these traditional fruity symbols could bare you the massive progressive Jackpot win! Or, your chance to the progressive Jackpot fortune could be revealed among the reels of Master of Fortunes, it all comes down to your lucky stars. Whichever win line you choose to take, there could be a huge jackpot win that awaits. So take your pick from the many options above, and you could walk away with a major pocket win!